Cultural Competent and Compassionate LGBT+ Training Model and Curriculum


Using the Papadopoulos model for “Culturally Competent Compassion” (CCC) (Papadopoulos, 2015 as cited in Papadopoulos and Pezzella, 2015), we have developed the LGBT+ training model. We have applied the four constructs of the Papadopoulos model:

  1. Cultural Awareness and Compassion;
  2. Cultural Knowledge and Compassion;
  3. Cultural Sensitivity and Compassion, and;
  4. Cultural Competence and Compassion, to create the knowledge map identified during the needs assessment and the catalogue of European and national legislations/policies and guidelines for LGBT+ inclusive education.

The training model will guide the development of the training curriculum, which will provide the implementation details in terms of learning objectives and activities of the online training course and the creation/mapping of the associated training/learning/assessment materials (which will be created in IO4 and IO5 and based on the themes from IO1 and IO2).